Innovative Partnership Signed Between BC, QC, and ON Organizations

The BC Cleantech CEO Alliance, Ecotech Québec, and MaRS Cleantech signed a Memorandum of Understanding to coordinate efforts to promote clean technologies, combat climate change and contribute to a strong, diverse, sustainable economy. This agreement is the first of its kind in Canada and represents a significant step forward in strengthening the clean technology industry in Canada through greater coordination and collaboration.

In the agreement signed today at GLOBE 2016, the organizations commit to coordinate the communication of cleantech priorities to all levels of government and to cooperatively connect cleantech companies with new users and partners across Canada. These organizations believe that a strong cleantech industry is a critical element of any strategy to build a strong, sustainable, knowledge-based economy for Canada. All industrial sectors, including mining, forestry, and oil and gas, will benefit from this agreement through the increased provision of technologies that make them more efficient, more competitive, and more sustainable.

“Our main objective is to accelerate the development, financing and commercialization of Canadian cleantech, here and abroad. Cleantech in Canada is a too well kept secret. We want to increase collaboration to accelerate technology transfers and to export our expertise abroad,” said Denis Leclerc, President and CEO of Écotech Québec, the Québec cleantech cluster.

“Cross-provincial coordination of Canadian cleantech ecosystems is critical if we are to maximize the impact of Canadian cleantech opportunities and scale innovation globally,” said Jon Dogterom, Managing Director of MaRS Cleantech.

“Climate change is the greatest challenge we are facing. By advancing cleantech, together we can drive a stronger and more sustainable economy,” said Jonathan Rhone, Chairman of BC Cleantech CEO Alliance.

This type of collaboration is a first in Canada and the BC Cleantech CEO Alliance, Ecotech Québec, and MaRS Cleantech invite other organizations to join them in working together to enable Canada to build a strong, sustainable economy. This agreement is a significant step that will be followed by increasingly coordinated efforts of clean technology companies across Canada as the sector continues to expand its already vital role in the Canadian economy.